Hello! I am Jiayi Sun (孙 嘉懿), a PhD candidate working with Professor Adam Leroy at the Ohio State University, Department of Astronomy.

My research works focus on the cold interstellar medium in galaxies. Though inconspicuous compared to the shining stars in visible light, the gas and dust particles in this medium completely outshine the stars in long-wavelength light (i.e., from radio wave to mid-infrared light). The light they emit tells us stories about how many generations of stars have been born in a galaxy, whether that galaxy is or was in close contact with another galaxy, and how long will the galaxy remain "active". By observing this long-wavelength light using specialized telescopes (e.g., VLA, ALMA, SOFIA), we are learning the past, present, and future of the galaxies in our universe.

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Cloud-scale Molecular Gas Properties in Nearby Galaxies

(Links: ADS Reference, arXiv e-print, YouTube Video)

Figure above: ALMA observation (in blue) revealing the distribution of molecular gas in a nearby star-forming galaxy --- NGC 1672. The RGB composite image in the background comes from HST observations of the same galaxy.

Molecular gas is believed to be the direct fuel of star formation in galaxies in the local universe. Quantifying the physical properties of molecular gas is a thus crucial step towards building up a successful star formation theory. By analyzing high resolution ALMA imaging data of nearby galaxies, we systematically studied the distribution of molecular gas surface density, velocity dispersion, dynamical state, and turbulent pressure at the scale of individual molecular cloud. This offers by far the most comprehensive view of molecular gas properties in nearby star forming disk galaxies.

This is part of the first round science results coming out of the PHANGS Collaboration.


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